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May 05, 2007



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Jeffrey Mushens

Long live Comrade Stalin!, or Long live the Dear Leader!, or Death to capitalist running dogs!. Long live Tamil Eelam! I think you get the drift. All avowedly secular In the case of the first three avowedly atheist and anti-religion.

Just as most believers are not murderous death worshippers, neither are most atheists nutters or murderous. Let's clear away the smokescreen of faith based or atheist based (Islamism or milleniallist) ideologies and recognise that somehow, some people can be persuaded to commit mass murder against civilians and find ideological support for it. The leadership of these death cults need to be dealt with, to remove the guiding ideological support for those who actually do the killing.

There are no root causes for these mass murderers. Just excuses to justify their crimes.


Al Queda and it's followers have proven to be a bunch of thugs with a mantra - and that's about it.


John; sorry, I tried to follow the logic of your link's author...I really tried.
He/she was either incredibly inebriated or an incredibly bad typist. Hey, I'm far from perfect BUT if I was running a blog, I'd at the very least use 'spell check'...('grammer check' and 'logic check' couldn't hurt either.)

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