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April 29, 2007



He is not antisemitic. He is merely criticizing Israel.

Laban Tall

This "you killed Jesus" stuff, while a little pointless to lay on people 2,000 years after the event, is historically true. Don't see what that's got to do with people visiting Israel though.

(I often confront Italians with the cry "you flogged Boudicca !")


And what if we did kill him??? He was one of our own! It's the goyim - and confused Jews - who turned him into a god! And he was killed like countless other criminals were killed - by crucifixion. There is nothing 'holy' about a cross. If he had been killed by hanging, would millions of Christians today be wearing nooses arund their necks? LOL LOL Listen, people can say whatever they want about Jews or Judaism. I don't really care; but when those feelings are put into action against me or other Jews, that is when we have to defend ourselves.

And concerning Coptic Christians, pretty soon there won't be any of them left as they are killed off by Muslim jihadists along with other Christians who have been living in the Middle Est long before the Islamic conquest.


If Jesus sacrificed himself "for the sins of humankind", then the whole world, and not just the Jews, would be responsible for his death. Even if one could allot the blame to a specific group, then how would the Jews not present at the crucifixion be deserving of any blame? The author of the Gospel of John makes the claim that the Jews killed Jesus, ironic since the disciples were apparently faithful Jews! Goes to show how religion can easily reject reason, despite the consequences.
I am not a Christian, but how tragic is it that Christianity is pervaded with so much bigotry, and that intolerance is part-and-parcel of Islamic dogma... Religious zealotry can be quite dangerous, especially in these faiths, these daughters of Judaism who stab their mother in the back like ingrates.

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