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April 29, 2007



"In an apparent act of retaliation..": what? She wasn't a Sunni. I take it that there must be more to it than the story tells us. But is it worth the bones of a Pomeranian grenadier?

Mick H

According to the ICAHK (International Campaign Against Honour Killings) site, "Islamist groups active in the area have sought to capitalise on this crime and are urging revenge attacks upon all Yezidis, claiming that she had converted to Islam and characterising the murder as a 'martyrdom' rather than an 'honour' killing."

Hey, any excuse to ramp up the killings.


Dim of me; I missed that point. I am still a member of the Pomeranian Preservation Society, though.




on 4.3pg you see how she is murdered :(

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