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April 29, 2007



"During her 15 days in prison, "I tried to convince them that asking for our rights had nothing to do with the enemy," Abbasgholizadeh told The Associated Press by telephone from Tehran. "But they insisted that foreign governments were exploiting our cause."

There is some method in Ahmadinejad's madness. He does not mind injuring his own people as long as he gets to bait his imaginary arch enemy: The West. He knows that women's rights are very important to Western cultures, so he decides to curb and further oppress women in his own culture. It is as though he were saying: if you don't back off, West, we will retaliate by further harassing our women, which is our right and moral obligation to do anyway.

It's the same logic of Muslims massacring other Muslims in Iraq by way of punishing the West.

I think there is an appropriate psychological term for this pathology.

But how are Ahmadinejad's Western acolytes, them of the "anti-imperialist" Left, to justify this crackdown on Iranian women?


Making the huge leap that those affected will vote down the hardliners first chance they get. http://www.guardian.co.uk/iran/story/0,,2068648,00.html

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