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April 28, 2007


Queen of the Nile

Maybe Blair will want the report suppressed. It might be an embarrassment to him. After all, he can hardly say he welcomes it after his reaction to the other report by the Johns Hopkins University re. the number of deaths in Iraq since the invasion. He disputed their methodology, (to put it mildly) didn't he? No doubt they used the same methodology here.

Mick H

Well yes, it's interesting that it's Johns Hopkins again, but not particularly significant, surely. The Iraq study was controversial mainly because it produced figures wildly in excess of other sources (eg Iraq Body Count), and its results agreed nicely with the avowedly political aims of its authors. The methodology can be faultless, but you still get rubbish out if you put rubbish in.


Come on, chaps, Universities don't write reports. They are written by researchers, perhaps by as few as one or two people.

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