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March 30, 2007



Moving the capital to Berlin was a clue that Something Was Up.


He forgot the bit about believing the Americans armed Iraq (with Kalashnikovs, MiGs and T-62 tanks), but neglecting to mention that Iraqi Scuds only reached Israel during the first Gulf War due to the additional German technology they bought to extend their range.


"There are some Germans who will never forgive the Americans for VE Day"

That doesn't explaint the 57% of 18-29 year olds.


I'm wondering if Foucault's theory about Victorian sexuality can be applied here. I believe his main argument was that while there was a sort of suppressing morality imposed on all things sexual, sexuality was in fact thriving in bordellos, and much discussed under other names, such as medicine dealing with perversion and insanity. Likewise, maybe what we see today in the poll discussed is German guilt over Hitler which was suppressed by silence, shame and legislation expressing itself by other means, displacing and perverting it unto other people, into other forms.

It only proves that the rip in civilization which the Nazis authored and implemented is far from being healed. Something is very wrong here.

Richard Dell

Not only a sense of humour, but a sense of Irony. But I seem to remember that back in the 1970s, a poll of young Germans found that as much as 40% supported the Baader-Meinhof gang. I wonder what they thought their country would be like if those fruitcakes had succeeded.

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