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March 31, 2007



A "mistake" or 'imprudent'? Inquiring minds need to know...


Let's hope that "Must have a Camel" referred to cigarettes.


"she said her government had no intention of insulting Atatürk."

Recently, a conservative American commentator caused an uproar when she referred to a presidential candidate as a "Faggot". Now, the education minister for Belgium a going through hoops in order to appease ruffled Turkish sensibilities about their legendary leader's sexuality. There is an implied commonality of sentiment here between Ann Coulter and Turks: they both consider homosexuality as insult material.

Would the Education minister feel the need to apologize if it was suggested in a book that Ataturk was a Jew? Isn't this apology a de-facto collusion with the intolerance towards homosexuality that is so rampant in the Muslim world? Dignifying Turkish anti-gay sensibilities with a formal apology translates directly into empathy with those sensibilities.

If it was a mistake, then an apology could be offered for misrepresenting historical truth. But it appears that the apology is offered not on the grounds that it was a factual mistake but on the grounds that it's an offensive suggestion.

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