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January 07, 2007


P. Froward

Kraftwerk? Seriously?! What'd Bobbo play by them?

Gotta (kinda) agree about Waits, though: He's written some great songs, but it's a mystery to me how people can listen to that ridiculously contrived schtick and hear "authenticity". Also a lot of his lyrics are just pathetic: "Gun Street Girl", "16 Shells from a 30-06". Talk about trying too hard. Good heavens. But he's done a few things like "Train Song" that really ain't half bad.

Mick H

Show 22, Telephone, featured Kraftwerk's "The Telephone Call".

Update: that'll teach me to trust Wikipedia. They list it, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Theme_Time_Radio_Hour, but it ain't there....well, there's maybe a couple of seconds which could be Kraftwerk, but it's uncredited. So scrub that.

David Newland

He's played some Canadians too... Ron Sexsmith and Don Kerr for example.

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