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January 11, 2007


James Hamilton

The version of events I've heard is more favourable to Geldof: apparently, he let fly at Mengistu in a private meeting, one he completed alive purely because his translator quietly declined to render his words accurately. Geldof hated Mengistu and had nothing but contempt for him.

Andrew lale

Funny, but not only is Mengistu absent from the narrative of African history according to the dominant Chatterati, but also every other piece of evidence which would show the interested observer why Africa is as it is. Who cares if Geldof hated Mengistu? He still deprived millions of British people a genuine picture of Ethiopia, one which would have perhaps led to a different all-round view of the world as a consequence. Playing God with the TV viewer is a crime against truth. But then Geldof and all those on the left who believe they can take the truth and mould it for our eyes and ears are only following the example of their heroes in Moscow and Beijing.

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