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January 10, 2007



More oxygen in my tissues, AND all those virgins. Looks like I'm converting.


It's so good to have a 'National Research Centre'!

P. Froward

I fail to see what's so amusing about the 8.5 minute discrepancy in air traffic among infidels. It proves, after all, that it was the Jews who destroyed the World Trade Center; had it been Muslims, the impact would have been at 9:00 sharp, due not only to more accurate timing but also to the greater, like, magnetism of the hemoglobin in the pilot's, uh, bloodstream. And stuff.

The real beauty of this is that it's on television. Satellite television. In the hands of people who think that... that... I don't even *know* what he thinks! Jumping Jesus!


8.5 minutes?!!! Criky; Mecca's 1400 YEARS out of sync!

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