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January 09, 2007



Two possible reasons:
1. - the British sense of 'fair play' didn't allow for the targeting of a foreign leader
2. - more likely, the allies feared the possibility of a far more competant military leader taking command (not that Hitler was doing that badly up to that point). The old 'Devil you know' thing...

CS Clark

I don't know about 'fair play', but I'm sure they would have expected reprisals aplenty, and in the game of suicidal assasinations the fanatics generally have the upper hand over the norms, regardless of whether or not the latter play cricket. And it's not like the Brits would have had a steady supply of gloryseeking suicidal safecracking double-agents.

P. Froward

Imagine if a suicide bomber had killed Hitler, what a fantastic PR bonanza that would be for the dickheads of the world. We'd never hear the end of it. Would that've been worth it if it'd shortened WWII? Maybe so; can't really say, obviously.

peter kinsley  www.peterkinsley.com

I have just noticed my letter to The Times re. Eddie Chapman, a fellow Geordie. But the comments below bring to mind the man who saved London (I have written to Ken Livingston suggesting a statue to him near the new Olympics site) a Spaniard called Juan Pujol, the double agent who persuaded the Germans to shorten the range of their rockets so that they fell in a pattern on the fields of Kent (there are photos of this in Kent pubs) BUT Mr. Herbert Morrison objected strongly to this idea. "You are playing God" he said. One asumes the gifted Morrison (did he not invent an air raid shelter?) would have had London bombed flat rather than risk offending British "fair play" chaps by telling a lie to the German secret service.

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