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December 01, 2006


P. Froward

Well, it's easy enough to blame the victim, isn't it? In this case, the Taliban, who are merely striking back at their tormentors with the only weapons at their disposal. We may perhaps not fully understand or countenance their methods, but we must at the same time applaud their zeal, indefatigability, and courage. We must not let racism blind us to the many sterling qualities of these dedicated men.

While these events could indeed be seen to be regrettable, in a sense, they are nevertheless also inevitable, as long as the situation in Palestine remains unresolved.

And isn't it shamefully hypocritical, to criticise, while in our own society there are still inequalities in education?


P. Froward; I've printed out your comment and pinned it up next to my computer. It's to remind me of the depths of depravity humanity will endorse in order to validate their own prejudices.

I'd recommend 'Bed of Red Flowers' by Nelofer Pazira http://www.nowtoronto.com/issues/2005-05-12/books_reviews2.php
but I'm sure it'd be a waste of time.

There is of course, the possibility that your post was a bitter satire, in which case I apologize for what I'm thinking of your morality.

Mick H

DaninVan - yes, he was being satirical.


*Whew!* Again, my apologies, P. Froward.
Unfortunately there's a huge segment of the population that, in fact, would agree wholeheartedly with your post (my neighbor comes to mind).
The most disturbing thing about a piece of harsh satire is that it CAN be taken literally! Blog comments all over the 'net are littered with similar posts written in earnest.
Maybe I live in an unusual neighborhood, but I'm surrounded by Left wing surrender monkies, obsessed with the whole neocon/Zionist/ 9/11 conspiracy shtick; I've become a caricature of Clouseau's boss, Chief Inspector Dreyfus, nervous eye tic and all.

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