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October 30, 2006



A diverting piece of pseudo-science, I think.

AFAIK the consensus is that the dinosaurs extinction took some thousands of years, started by the massive flood basalt eruptions that created the Deccan Traps and terminated by the Chicxulub impact. The pattern of Iridium deposits tallies with both the location and angle of this impact, as do the observed effects on the fauna. It may not have been a particularly large (in terms of geological time) impact, but its location and angle were devastating. A later impact is possible, but not necessary to explain what we observe. If it landed in the 70% of the planet covered by sea, then finding its location would be problematic.

So an off-the-cuff remark by a relatively unknown scientist reported in the MSM can have little weight, a point that far too few seem to appreciate.


God? Wrath? Uh, this would have predated humans by several million years. This God you speak of, he'd had his fill of dinosaurs?! He/She seems to be somewhat volatile, temperament wise...

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