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September 29, 2006



Despite what you read from the official Iranian news sources, most Iranians believe there *was* indeed a holocaust.If their news agency tells them there was not, they are sure to believe that there was.

In addition, if you read the articles by Angus McDowall (Telegraph?) and Michael Slackman (NYT), you will know that very, very few Iranians visited the exhibit. "The only other people I saw there," a journalist friend told me, "were other journalists."

I asked my husband (an Iranian... I am American and live in Iran) if most of the people he talks to believe the holocaust occurred. "Oh yeah," he answered. "It's only the well-educated that question it." It's strange that in Iran the most well-educated people seem to be the most susceptible to conspiracy theories. To be fair, I also discovered this in the US with my well-educated, high-tech colleagues who insisted that America never sent men to the moon.

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