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September 27, 2006



U2U provides .NET training to other companies. I'm sure they can be replaced by someone within Israel. And I wouldn't be surprised if at least some of their products came right out of Haifa.

Mick H

Bloody Americans! Not only do they mangle the language, they can't even put their comments against the right post!


But it would be fair to ask what happened to that spare, lucid, wry English that was widely spoken in New England and the mid-west only a couple of generations ago.

P. Froward

You should be more patient with poor Ross Anderson, Hartley. He's only a foreigner. He doesn't know any better.


If this guy had a go at Indian English it would be considered racist, but it's fine to have a go at American English or anything else American.

marc w.

huh. Deadlines suck, don't they?

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