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August 28, 2006



A few things:
1) Controvery was not huge. This paper has around 50,000 circulation and famous with its anti-muslim rhetoric. And anything against islam in Turkey may draw an extra 10k sales especially during summer where the sales are down. They had similar headlines every summer since 1997.

2) The examples you mentioned are wrong given what we read in the original Turkish. Your translation is appearently "sexed-up" and this practise is preciously the whole story is about.

3) This "praying is relaxing" type of discourse is already in the books you mentioned and not something fabricated from scratch.

4) Secular and/or anti-islam discourse is an aged practise in Turkey and they have a quite mature skill-set to distort the facts and create disrespect against anything they deem "reactionary". So you can learn a lot from our "progressive, secular guards of us"in this respect. They are far more talented than the newcomers like Ayan Hirsi Ali


This one is priceless for a spoof, and I believe I already have something in mind, Mick, thanks a lot!

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