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June 16, 2006



They cannot win the propaganda war now, because it is clear that the Palestinians are there, and still attacking us with rockets every day, and we are here. This is a point that needs to be emphasized at the same level than the truth that the IDF didn't caused the explosion.

Gaza is not fighting any liberation war. It is fighting a war against normality and peace.

Juan Golblado

More needs to be made of this.

I remember during the first days of the war to overthrow Saddam the BBC was forever reporting Iraqi civilians being hit by coalition shells, and I couldn't help but wonder if maybe at least some of those people killed were not being killed by Saddamists.

When the coalition forces in Afghanistan and areas near the Iraqi-Syrian border have been accused of bombing wedding parties, I sometimes wonder if some fucking jihadist didn't 'sacrifice' the wedding party in order to give the coalition forces a bloody nose in the media.


Who can even imagine that the Palestinians could win the Propoganda war? It was only recently that certain right wing bloggers - step forward Andrew Sullivan - were insisting that the murder of a mere 50 odd people at Jenin wasn't a "massacre" in any numerical sense of the term. Imagine if 50 ex-New Republic editors or Arsenal supporting bloggers were murdered one evening; I think that would might be uncontroversially deemed a massacre on the Ten O'clock news. But those pesky Palestinians; they just don't seem somehow fully human, do they?

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