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June 11, 2006



"Can anyone doubt that the World Cup's the best sporting contest in the world?" Me. I saw a Scotland vs England Quoits international as a lad: knocks the World Cup for six.


Talking of "six", the last Ashes series. So there's two events that were better.


I agree that soccer will never be big in the states. We'd have to be good at it for it to be popular and to be good at a sport there has to be a national need for it. It has to satisfy a specific national characteristic. On those occasions when we want to watch people in skimpy togs bustle around pointlessly, we have beach vollyball.

Arf. Just kidding. Seriously, it's easy to see rugger and soccer playing to the same audience, but baseball and soccer will never reside in the same heart.

And a nation that will watch qoits will watch anything.


But Quoits encompasses the interesting bit of Grid-Iron - i.e. the accurate tossing of an object - without the boring bits.


The US just got pantsed by the Czechs. What non-ethnic interest there was for the WC here will be all but gone by tomorrow.

I don't think it's the theatrical quality of the violence in soccer that puts off Yanks. After all, most of us would recognize that getting into a badminton game with a Dane or Indonesian is virtual suicide. It's probably the fact that there are no refrigerator breaks so you have to line your beers up beside you before the match and replenish them at half-time. We like it cold.

I've no doubt that competition level quoits requires skills that are rare. It's just that there seems to be no possibility of violence. Even darts has you holding a sharp object.

P. Froward

Never got beaned with a quoit, eh?

John Barr

Darts, now there's a man's game. One Hundred and Eighty!!!

Linda Evans

Scotland Vs Wales quoits competitions still occur annually, hosted alternately by each nation. The 2006 competition will be held in Prestwick, Ayrshire on 29th July. If you're looking for something after the footie's done and dusted...............

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