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June 10, 2006


P. Froward

Well, I think a lot of people would say that Yassin was "speaking the truth" about the Jews and Crusaders blahblahblah, and Ali was just talking hostile nonsense. I happen to agree that it's a crock, but I don't think you're representing his view quite fairly.

Juan Golblado

I well remember Omaar's crap reporting from Iraq in 2003. Supported by most (but not all) the rest of the BBC he was ferreting out all the mistakes they could find by the coalition forces, and all the victims they could find among pro-regime forces. Any civilian casualty was automatically a victim of the coalition forces. Even the early IEDs were first reported as stray coalition shells.

"Liberal fascism" indeed! What a fool. We need to wipe the floor with the likes of them and get them out of the corridors of power which they stalk.

Ausma Cernoks

There is, I believe, such a thing as a persecution complex. I know a Jewish woman who suspects anti-semitism, even in an all-Jewish store, if she has to wait too long for service. My father suspected a communist plot behind every unhappy experience because of his early trauma at the hands of a Communist regime. And, because of the us-vs-them conditioned thinking of Muslims, they can't really see anything through 'our' eyes. There are at least two Muslim writers - both women - who have overcome this gap. But I think it will take at least another generation before we can truly communicate with ease.


There are good, and very bright, Muslim writers. I know of two, both women, but I can't remember their names. One is from Leganon. There ARE moderate, intelligent, Muslim thinkers, but it's hard for moderates of any stripe to make it into our news and consciousness.

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