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May 28, 2006


John Barr

I think Rieff is just trying to say that he has no problem with people getting massacred as long as mean old Uncle Sam isn't involved. Not his problem, mate.

P. Froward

It's true, though, that the US can't afford it, financially or politically, even if it didn't turn into a real mess. I'd pretty much count on it turning into a mess, though.

If we actually care about doing the right thing, our best move would be to ship the victims massive amounts of ordnance, preferably Soviet stuff that doesn't require too much infrastructure to maintain. But that wouldn't go over too well with the "international community". It doesn't have to be the US doing that, though. Pretty much any developed nation could foot the bill easily. What do AK-47s cost, if you're buying a few hundred thousand? Throw in a few shoulder-launched anti-aircraft missiles[1] and you're good to go.

The funny part is that if we go the diplomatic route full blast and let the Janjaweed finish the job, we'll be blamed for the whole thing. And of course we'll be blamed for the whole thing if we do nothing. But in terms of the national interest, all issues of right and wrong aside, the diplomatic-farce option sounds like our best bet.

[1] http://www.fas.org/asmp/campaigns/MANPADS/MANPADS.html


"Again, rightly or wrongly, a strong majority of our planet's 1.5 billion Muslims believe that the United States is leading a new crusade against Islam."

I would say that I have an issue with "rightly or wrongly" in this sentence as well, but I realise that it is trifles compared to the big picture...

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