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March 28, 2006



Why can't God use e-mail like everyone else? And why can't he or she manage a whole sentence?


Is this the result of a conspiracy to persuade us that (some) Moslems are as credulous as (some) Catholics? A Jewish-Protestant thing, eh?


Once a week they can change the aquarium water, bottle it, and make a fortune.


Man is credulous.

Personally, I'm surprised the pet shop is still in one piece. Surely it is an attack on Islam to breed fish with Allah written on them?


No. But if that fish had a PICTURE of Allah and/or Mohammed on it... well, there'd be fins and scales all over the place, that's all.

Hey, isn't it usually aubergine seeds?


Another sad loser trying to get on the fish story bandwagon to up their post count.. get a life


nobody knows how these things occur so people should not be so narrow-minded about it. these people obviously have no religion and no faith and therefore are making a mockery of muslims/christian/jews by sending comments like these.leave people to believe in what they believe in.

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