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February 26, 2006



Let me be the first: "We will not tolerate any acts of racial discrimination". What race? What discrimination?


Surely the BBC should be reported to the Police for posting a story on their website about a Sudanese man fucking a goat?


o come on. it's because harry's place went wobbly on this issue that i've started calling by here a lot more often. however, i can't help thinking that someone putting up a picture of the cartoon mentioned, in a public workspace, is probably not making a point about free speech.

Juan Golblado

Whatever his point he's got the right to make it. (And ditto about looking for other places to talk about this because of appeasement over at HP.)

That bomb-in-the-turban cartoon, the "most offensive" of that innocuous bunch of cartoons, is a totally reasonable suggestion that the legacy of Mohammed bears some responsibility for the terrorism carried out in the name of Islam. That has to be a fair thing to say. It's an entirely valid pov. Even if you don't agree with it, how can you say it's a pov that shouldn't be expressed. Now that it's effectively been banned I suppose it will be used to rattle the cages of whoever will respond, but so be it.

If he wants to put up a picture of Mohammed fucking a goat -- or even getting fucked by a goat -- he ought to be able to do so, but I would rather nobody did that, as it takes attention away from the more clearcut issue.


There's another issue here. When the trouble hit last month the cartoons were much talked about and inevitably they got printed up and handed round the office or emailed to each other. I guess that happened at thousands of places round the country.

If sticking it on a notice board is racist, then handing it round the office or emailing it is racist too. There have been several high profile cases of people being dismissed for inappropriate emails. Once we move from a "the cartoons are controversial" narrative to "the cartoons are offensive", it easy to 's difficult to see how an such an employee could avoid being disciplined for racism.


There is something the article neglects to mention - that particular cartoon has been adopted by the BNP for their leaflets. I suspect, given the mention of the council elections in May and the history in Oldham, that there's a connection, hence the police treating it the way they're treating it.

Mick H

The BNP have stepped in to take advantage of the pusillanimity of the response to the cartoons here in Britain - so now the cartoons have acquired a racist connotation which they simply don't merit. The winners out of all this are the Islamists and the BNP. A stronger reaction to Islamist threats in the first place - and an airing of the cartoons to show what the fuss was about - would have prevented all this.


i would have had the cartoons printed on every front page in the country. but there are rules governing workplaces and i'm not sure that anyone does actually have the right to put up whatever pictures they choose. someone puts up an NF poster for example, would you support that Juan? the idea this is about free speech is ridiculous.

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