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January 26, 2006


Juan Golblado

How long does it take for somebody to get a book into print? If there was anything to his claims, the Bush people would have had some deniable group playing them up by now.

P. Froward

Since when did the Bush people have a clue about PR? I don't think that tells us much one way or the other.

But I have no great trust in ex-Ba'athists.

I do think Israeli intelligence is more likely than most to know whether it happened or not, and if they know, the general probably does, but when there's spooks involved you can't take much at face value, can you?


The important question is, *why* were they moved? After all, the war was announced for months before it started. What is the point of removing weapons before an invasion begins?


To keep them from being found, presumably.

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