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November 26, 2005



Its worth raising this issue over "Palestine", because, like most left-wing rhetoric, it relies on repetition and a complete ignorance of the facts to keep it going.

Arab leaders, when attending the 1919 Paris Peace Conference, did so along with the Zionists and without reference to "Palestine" as an independent country, in fact, King Faisal, who acknowledged the Balfor declaration and signed the agreement allowing a Jewish homeland, wanted the rest of the region under his control. Only later when he realised he wasn't going to get it did he recant and oppose the Zionists. Either way, Palestinian Arabs were not going to get a homeland.

Isreal did not invade "Palestine" in 1967, it invaded Egypt, Jordan and Syria. It was much later in 1988 that the PLO announced the creation of Palestine in the regions under Israeli control, convieniently, and ironically using exactly the same reasoning and invoking the same laws and treaties as Israel used in 1947.

Finally, a common rhetoric is Israeli control of "their" land, but under the Ottomans, under the proposals of King Faisal, and under the governments of Egypt and Jordan, there has never been a recognition of formal land ownership in the same way as English common law. In fact, Palestinian Arabs would have a better chance at land ownership under a democratic Israeli government.

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