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October 31, 2005



"In the absence of any acknowledgement by the Turks for their responsibility for the Armenian Genocide, the same old poisons, instead of having been faced and expunged, are still circulating, ready to be called up by any unscrupulous politician."

That's the crux of the matter. It's interesting to compare Turkey with Germany and see what happens when the aftermath of a genocide is dealt with in an entirely different way. Even though the current Turkish government isn't the same as the regime which carried out the Armenian Holocaust, I suspect it's not convenient for them to own up to the historical truth because the policy of "Turkey for the Turks" continues to this day (i.e. the persecution of the Kurds - allegedly "mountain Turks" who by some linguistic miracle ended up speaking an Indo-European dialect of Turkish- and, to a lesser extent, the Circassians and other minorities).


" No German politician would now dream of smearing an opponent by accusing him of having Jewish blood": unlike our own Toni, then?

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