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October 07, 2005




I just wanted to say what about the devices used at night? To see in the dark? These allow vision, and what about heat detector machines? Where it can clearly be seen where a person is, even behind stone walls and wooden furniture?

This is what came to my mind and God Knows Best Swt.

Firdaus De La Fuente

I could say nothing more about those explanations. In my opinion, it best explains and proves the truth of Islam. Everything that has been sent to Muhammad the God`s Prophet is definitely not a lie.

The hadiths can either be explained in the aspect of science and to be excepted wholeheartedly as there is nothing impossible to happen. It just depends on one`s principle. Besides, it also explains the intelligence and the highly IQed possession by the Prophet SAW. Everything he said can best be comprehensible in all aspects whether scientifically through his excellent metaphors or can be accepted just as it said.

This is a great information. Now I know that Jews are actually cowards. But however I am impressed with their efforts of creating their own civilization, through their research on Rasulullah SAW`s hadiths. Why can`t the Muslims who r obviously his followers to make The Prophet as an example for us to follow so that we can create our own civilization with Allah SWT`s blessings?

There is only one answer, -no unity among the Muslims....


What a utter load of crap. I guess the world is flat too?


It's funny but the only people who claim "the jews are cowards" are those who actually have no experience in fighting in them. Please read histories of any of the Arab-Israeli wars. In almost every single encounter of face-to-face combat between Jewish and Arab soldiers (with perhaps one Egyptian armored division in the beginning days of the October war could be construed as an exception), the Jews have held their ground and advanced, and the Arabs have fled. Fled - often abandoning their positions under not so heavy fire. Fled - even though they usually numerically had a great advantage over the Israelis, and with a weaponry advantage as well. So in terms of bravery in face to face combat the Jews have outdone the Arabs in almost every single encounter. It's incredible how purposefully ignorant many people are. "The Jews, knowing this hadith, are planting many gharqad trees to protect them". As Jews do not believe in Islam, they most certainly don't believe in this Hadith and I guarantee you that 99.9% of Jews have no idea what this tree is, except for some academics - and people who like to surf weblogs on the outer realm of sanity.


Dan, that might have been when Israel had superior means of intercepting and doctoring messages to/from the war. But Hezbollah's relative victory in Lebanon shows that the tables are now turned. Phosphorus bombs, DIME weapons and fletchettes are hardly weapons of bravery.



Saladin.. you are right, I couldn't agree with you more.

Behnam valipour

Are you all seriously ok with killing a whole group of people because of their faith? Only a wolf thinks as such.

Behnam valipour

Same goes for a Jew that wants to kill all Muslims.

karal Musti

But Jews don't want to kill all muslims. Except perhaps the odd psychopath. By this measure, a clear majority of muslims are psychopaths. This, of course, is not true but they certainly believe and act as if they are.


You Muslims are full of hate and lies.
This scripture quoted above shows it very clearly.

It can best be ascertained that Islam is the religion of the devil. Muslims do not worship the same God as Christianity or Judaism, but rather worship a false moon god. The words in the Koran show they are diametrically opposed to Christianity and Judaism. They hate God's Chosen People, the Christians and the Jews.

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