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October 23, 2005



"The Days of CRAP"
Years ago I lived next door to the curator of Modern Art at the ****. One Sunday lunch he said to me, "Matthew, all modern art is crap".
20 years on nothing has changed.


And what if our Trace had painted a canvas of the bed? Art then? Perhaps a carved relief, a woodcut or similar engraving. Even better, a casting. Is it the form of her art that distresses? Or only the content? Maybe the fact she's a woman & working class at that; that used to distress so many people when there were acknowledged standards. The artist's ego...ummm! Who could want a pic of an old sot who probably stinks of his own piss. Some ego Rembrandt van Rijn. "All modern art is crap". All of it? And where would the reign of modern art begin then? And where will I find the philosophy & theory of aesthetics that give me the judging tools whereby I can sift the crap from the wholesome? One of the wonderful things about living in the first decade of this century is that we all can find art we cherish & which sustain us in ways we can't articulate. Stuff you don't like? Just move on.

Mick H

"Stuff you don't like? Just move on." So no art criticism is permissible, is that what you're saying? - or just art criticism of working-class women?


"All modern art is crap" & "Stuff you don't like? Just move on" are two sides of the same approach to art. Neither statement is art criticism & represents an unpreparedness to engage in an important debate about how it is no longer possible to apply the criteria of fifty years ago to art that is being made today. I believe that Grayson Perry is right; any set of standards by which you might judge whether art is art simply because the artist says it is or that it's art because it meets certain definite requirements no longer works for what is being produced now. The 'lost' standards were also accompanied by a catalogue of class, gender & race bias as well as preferences re. the instruments that were used for art making, the methods of presentation & the house in which art was shown. Art is now made cheaply, by more people formerly excluded from acknowledgment, displayed as the artist wishes & in places as random as preferred. There's also more of it & it is no longer possible, I believe, to have universal knowledge of what art is being made & apply common ways of judging to it all.


tim noble and sue webster are true lazy cash grabbers. Life style do nothings. pose and think. sell an idea to a moneyed prat and crawl into an art dump.

Faux Artist

Is modern art crap?


Follow the experiment!!


Hey Faux,

I've been following your experiment. I am right behind you man!

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