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September 27, 2005



My take watching Dylan under fire from the booers, was that he was standing up to them, and any sneering exhibited was a response to their jeers, rather than a cause of them.

Mick H

Well maybe, but having seen the footage I'm less inclined to believe that than I was. I mean, I don't think Dylan was entirely an innocent party, stunned by the hostile reception. He knew what he was doing.

[My characterisation of the tour as an amphetamine-fueled ego-trip is a bit over the top, though, I'll admit. Well, the ego-trip bit.]

Clive Davis

Really interesting points, Mick.
Heretical thought, I know, but I thought all the other influences (Guthrie, Odetta) seemed more interesting than BD himself. But then I'm not a fan!

Mick H

Odetta was astonishing, wasn't she?

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