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September 29, 2005



Just glancing at my music collection for recent (post 70s) black guitarists, I'd suggest Nile Rodgers (possibly one of the most influential musicians and producers of all time), Prince (ditto), Robert Cray, Vernon Reid (Living Color), and Slash (Guns'n'Roses). No blind geriatrics sitting on boxes of melons there.

[I'd like to make it clear that I do not own any recordings by G'n'R, but that Slash does guest on Michael Jackson's *Dangerous* and also, I suspect, a Don Henley album that I own.]

Mick H

Hmm - I'm not saying there weren't any recent black guitarists, but your inclusion of Robert Cray (I could have added him to my list of great blues players except for his age) and Vernon Reid (yes I've heard of Living Color, but weren't they famous for being a black rock group, like the Average White Band in reverse?) suggests some barrel scraping here.

Nile Rodgers yes: went to see Chic when they were big - '78/'79? - but they'd got the sound balance all wrong so you could hardly hear the bass, which pretty much scuppered the whole deal. But he was better known surely as a producer.


this topic of white guys not being able to play blues is silly, as a musician i find the conversation silly, though I would love to be proved wrong by modern pop


“It’s all just music man. Playing clean and lookin’ for the pretty notes.”
– Charlie Parker

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