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August 31, 2005


Backword Dave

Oh for crying out loud! "I wonder if the design of the universe was not contained in the emotion he wrested from those strings." This seems to me to be as bad as saying that if Newton had been a woman, the laws of gravity would be different. Yes, he was slow at learning to speak (in German), but from what I know, he managed to add Yiddish, Czech (he lived in Prague) and English to his repertoire. Besides, we have accounts of Einstein's inspiration and they're more like visions or dreams. He imagined travelling next to a beam of light.

"Can it not be - my final wonderment - that Einstein's theory of relativity owes more to an aesthetic revelation than to his overwhelming mathematical intelligence?" No.


Dave stole the words from my mouth. Anyway, another detail I recall re the whole issue: as a violinist Einstein stank.

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