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July 27, 2005



You should also have called attention to the title of Hill's work -- Weapon of Mass Destruction. I think he meant "VICTIM of Weapon of Mass Destruction".

Unless he was calling attention to water pollution -- then it all makes good sense.


A back of the envelope calculation suggests that if a two-liter bottle of water is worth £42,500, that £9 trillion is the value of about a 50 meter cube of ice. Rather smaller than the Antarctic ice sheet.

Unless, by trillion, he means 10^18, in which case £9 trillion is greater by many orders of magnitude than the total economic output of the human race since the dawn of recorded history.

Or, alternately, unless he's talking what I believe you British folks refer to as 'bollocks'.

Mick H

No surprise to learn that he's crap at maths. I imagine his careers master: "well, Hill, you're talentless and you've no academic or intellectual abilities whatsoever. You are though, I'll admit, one hell of a bullshitter. Ever thought of a career as a conceptual artist?"

Tim Worstall

Yes, this one was brought to my attention as well. One commenter pointed out that the value was out by 10,000 million times. It’s actually 0.000425 of a penny. or minus, of course, as above.

Still cheaper than Badoit of course.

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