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July 28, 2005


Mr. Crabby Pants

That's just Paul Morrissey saying what he's been saying since about 1968.

Mick H

Well OK, but maybe he's right. He should know...

Mind you, he's clearly missing something when he says Warhol had no interest in anything but making money: the man was clearly obsessed with fame and celebrity. And Morrissey is talking about films and music and stuff which no one now really believes had much to do with Warhol anyway.

I'd be interested to know the extent of Warhol's contribution to what he's most famous for - the pop art: the tin of Campbell's soup, and the screenprints of Marilyn / Mao / Elvis / Jackie Kennedy.

Mr. Crabby Pants

Oops! No, I believe he's more or less right, granting your point about fame. In fact, the first-hand accounts I've read make it sound like Morrissey was obsessed with money.

I just meant that I don't think it's necessarily any sign of a general backlash.

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