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July 30, 2005


Laban Tall

I think she's got a point. Have a look at the report on Bradford race relations
or my 24th July post
It makes the point that the early immigrants (like the Windrush generation) wanted to integrate into British culture i.e. pre-60s respectable working class culture, the old Queen and Country stuff that no one believes in any more.

"The first generation of immigrants from Pakistan and Bangladesh came here as "immigrants". They came expecting and wanting to integrate to some extent into the existing community. The collection of photographs taken of the first generation by the photographic studio in Manningham Lane illustrates this. The first week’s wages went on a Burtons suit and the men proudly displayed watches, pens and radios, mostly supplied by the photographer."

By the time their children grew up all that had gone and my generation's counterculture had triumphed. It's not the 'nastiness' etc, it's just that our 'culture' currently consists of not having one.

They came to see the Great White Mother and found her sporting tattoos, a nose-ring, leather pants and drinking too much.

Mick H

Well I know what you mean (don't agree with you mind), but blowing people up is a bit of an over-reaction, don't you think? And of course no other immigrant group - Afro-Caribbeans, Hindus, Sikhs - react the same way. Add that to the fact that "martyrdom" is glorified in Islam, that all the bombers are Muslims, that these attacks form a pattern with others in, say, Madrid or Bali or NYC, and the idea that it's a reaction to the rottenness of British culture begins to look (to me) a bit fatuous.

Laban Tall

I take your point re Islam. But one of the bombers was Afro-Caribbean (admittedly a convert). And the next batch seem to be Somali or Eritrean.

I'm scaring myself even more now. Given the small number of converts in the UK, they're over represented in the terror stakes (the 7/7 guy, Richard Reid). What of the Native Brits who've converted, like Frank Dobson's son or that journalist whose name I've forgotten (stood for Respect, hostage in Afghanistan) ? Think how much TATP she could hide in a burqua !

Mick H

Yeah, Yvonne Ridley. Doesn't bear thinking about.


I am defiantly FOR the 'depravity' of consensual sex before marriage, FOR meetings with groups of friends in which alcohol is consumed, FOR women to be able to drive/vote/feel the wind on their legs, FOR gays to be able to exist, FOR the oportunity to experiment in different forms of pleasurable activity including dancing and kite-flying.

I am defiantly AGAINST religious proselytisers telling that these things are in themselves bad, AGAINST the hypocrites who so easily shift from nasty crime to extreme puritanism, AGAINST the sex-negative bullshit that says that women have to cover up or they take the blame for male depredations - and finally AGAINST the true depravity of blowing innocent people up for reasons that the perpetrators can barely articulate.

So columnists, please drop the crap about how the Islamists are making a righteous stand against atheism, thongs and Bacardi breezers. They are truly the decadent ones for imposing their bodily disgust upon us.


I am very much a liberal as far as my views on sex and generally having fun are concerned. Many people live full, active, and fun lives, while also behaving responsibly.

Multiculturalism decrees that all cultures are equal, but in any civilised society there needs to be an overarching, unifying culture, one which all the people can unite behind.
With no core culture, the various subcultures will vie for dominance. Hence the "colonist" has replaced the "immigrant".

Because there is no core culture, Muslims see an opportunity to install their own "core culture".

The multiculturalists have created a vacuum, and a fertile breeding ground for Islam, a desolate land awaiting Islamic colonisation.

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