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June 29, 2005


Dr. M.I.H. Farooqi

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The Editor,

For favour of publication

Thanks to obscurantist Mullahs and anti-Muslim rhetoric of RSS, Imrana case is going to be another Shahbano disaster. So-called Ulemas are busy giving irrational and contradictory statements in print and electronic media thereby becoming the objects of ridicule themselves and ruthlessly damaging the image of Muslims. . Dr. Naim Hamid, Member of AIMPB has very rightly stated that Ulema transgress their limits by issuing unwarranted statements and give bad name to the entire community by appearing in News channels for the lust of publicity.
However, Imrana incident is also a blessing in disguise because Muslims intelligentsia has started realizing that the authority of Muslim clerics over illiterate masses all these years has only harmed the cause of Muslim society.MK Sherwani, President of Muslim Forum is probably right when he says that ‘ a sustained movement against obscurantism of Mullahs has to be launched to keep Islam as the progressive religion of the world”. The best way to do this is to keep semi-literate Mullah away from guiding masses not only in worldly affairs (remember they exercise powerful political influence) but also from religious matters. Only legal experts like those of Law Professors of Universities, retired Judges, senior advocates and Ulema of few progressive Islamic centers like Nadwa University and Jame Hadaya should be allowed to take up the work of interpreting or amending the Shariah according to the changing times. Well known legal authority Mr. Tahir Mahmood has rightly pointed out that ancient juristic wisdom has to be changed through Ijtihad (re-interpretation/-re-reading of the laws) to meet the contemporary demands. Necessary changes in the Shariah have to be made to protect human rights in the present day troubled and complex society, as already done in several Muslims countries like Pakistan, Malaysia, Turkey, Iran etc.
Muslims should be aware that if Ulema continue issuing unwarranted fatwas, Sangh Parivar is capable of exploiting the situation by widening the gulf between Hindus and Muslims as they successfully did in Shahbano case

Yours sincerely,

Dr. M.IqtedarHusain. Farooqi,
Urdu Scientific Society
Lucknow, India
Email: mihfarooqi@satyam.net.in

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