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June 26, 2005


John-Paul Pagano

"So what?" With a flat look in her eyes, she said: "They pay you the cost of the treatment, don't they?"

I don't understand her rejoinder. Who pays who the cost of what treatment, and what does it have to do with Palestinians now barred from access to Israeli hospitals?

Mick H

Well no, it doesn't make much sense, does it? Maybe she thinks you get the money for treatment, so you can choose where to get treated...or something. Not a subject she's given much thought to or cares much about, I imagine.


Her comment doesn't make sense because she didn't interpret the question as you or I would. Her blind hatred of anything Jewish biases her understanding of the question to mean '...the hospitals are only in it for the money.' The concept of (Jews)providing medical care as a humanitarian gesture doesn't occur to her as it conflicts with her view of Islam vs Judaism.

John-Paul Pagano

Right, but I don't understand even the basic sense of what she's saying. I understand the logic is twisted, but it's totally inscrutable. Is she saying that the hospital takes the money from treating Arabs and gives it to random Jews, such as Dviri?

I guess that might be it. If so, it's even more unhinged than I'd expect.


John-Paul; if she's quoted accurately, I doubt, from the description, that she thought the matter out before answering. Keep in mind that she was in an emotional state having failed in her murder-suicide attempt. We're not talking about a rational human here.

(G-d knows, I'm forever putting MY foot in my mouth...;) )


Here's the original story; there's some variation from other versions.

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