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April 28, 2005


Mark Leaman

Turkey, Israel and Anti-Semitism
There has always been anti-Semitism in Turkey, just as anti-semitism has permeated through all cultures based on Islam. Up until about two years past there were substantial Israeli military contracts with Turkey. These were mostly in areas such as upgrading Turkey's M-60 tanks and in the supply of a variant of the Israeli Popeye Lite missile to Turkey. This military co-operation has now wound down.

What has changed in the last two years is that Israel has been providing military aid, mostly as training, to the Kurds in northern Iraq. This is based on the long standing Israeli strategy of "the alliance of the periphery" whereby Israel has regulary supported various allies against their Arab neighbours. The Turks are incensed. Turkey does not want an independant Kurdish state. Accordingly, the official discouragement against anti-Semitism is disappearing.

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