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April 13, 2005



Another aspect is China's failed invasion of Vietnam in 1979, which put America's losses in the same conflict into perspective.

Mick H

That's something that's been pretty much forgotten - including by me, I have to say. I wasn't aware that Chinese losses had been particularly heavy.


The Vietnamese handed the Chinese their ass. Up to that time the PLA had experimented with abolishing rank in their units, Cultural Revolution nonsense. The units deployed were so worthless that the policy was scrapped. That is a pretty major climb-down.

The Vietnamese are pretty clear about their feelings towards Chinese dominance in the area. we are not hearing much yet because all the atention is on the US and how it realtes to the regional powers. The thing to watch for is alliances btween those same regional powers. What do you think those alliances will be against, Chinese or US hegemony?

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