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March 11, 2005



p. t. barnum wulda loved that bozo.

well hey if ppl wana waste theyre own money on this flimflam whose to object? but than someboddys gona wana spend public fnuds on it. an thats when its time to find a peice a rope an a good stout tree.


He sounds very last decade or something. Graffiti were the most recent cutting edge, weren't they? And they aren't tangled up in bourgeois notions of beauty and art, they have their own proletarian standards, like coloring inside the lines and bothering to do something that actualy says something to the viewer.

David Scwimmer

It's genius, it's punk, it's hippie, it's anti-american, what more do you want really?


kind of dumb analysis, like a bit of a stupendous ego getting off on deflating another

Mick H

Well that's a profound comment, Squish.

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