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February 28, 2005


Backword Dave

There's a very perceptive review of Layard's book, along with two others, by Anthony Daniels in the Sunday Telegraph review section. (Not online, as far as I can tell).


What's bland and unsatisfactory about happiness? What else would you rather have? You might say the respect of your neighbour. But you want that becuase it makes you happier, otherwise why would you bother? You seem to equate happiness with drunken pleasure which is a very blinkered view, a mistake that Kahneman, Layard and Seligman do not make. I'd love to meet someone who Davidson's scanner showed was happy all the time, the extremes of human behaviour are fascinating. Are you happy with the large and growing suicide rate amongst young people? That's part of what the polls you deride show. This is important!

Mick H

Paul - I wasn't saying happiness itself is bland and unsatisfactory: just the use of it as a measure of worth.

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