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January 27, 2005


Bill Preston

Thanks for the link. I think it is worth remarking that the murder of Theo van Gogh is only the tip of the iceberg. Numerous politicians and journalists are under the threat of death. And under the radar there is also the spectre of, for example, lecturers being threatened for giving poor marks. It is becoming a very common occurence, almost worthy of a blog in itself.


"...the Spanish government [sought] to blame it all on a Basque nihilist faction..."

From what Franco Alemn has said, that sentence may be questionable:


But I never expect much from Hitchens.


Theo Van Gogh was a notorious anti-Semitic publicity-seeker who referred to Muslims as 'goatfuckers'. Of course he should not have been murdered, but Hitchens completely ignores Van Gogh's provocative behaviour and vicious racism.

By the way, Hitchens supported (and still does) the coup in Algeria that prevented the FIS winning the general election - so much for his advocacy of democracy in Iraq. The man is a hypocrite and a fraud.

Bill Preston

Of course he was anti-semitic. His uncle, also called Theo van Gogh, was murdered by the Nazi's during the second world war. He wasn't anti-semitic, but made a sick joke. First prize for exaggeration Gerard. You might provide me with some indication that you are fluent in Dutch (as I have become) so we can debate the instance(s) you fail to refer to here.


of corse he was ofensive. ppl who dont piss anybody off dont get kild much for spekin their minds now do they? noboddy evar tried to silance barny teh dinasaur. ur missin teh point.

Bill Preston

If you stop talking gibberish and attempt to engage in a constructive dialogue I might get it, although I doubt it somehow. Besides which he wasn't killed for speaking his mind, but for making a film.

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