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January 27, 2005



a tight & dry vagina gives very good friction to my penis .thats why i prefer it in that way...

Mick H

Well thanks for sharing that with us, Uwe.


I just thinks it's selfish and cruel and only condonned by men that has no respect for women at all. I think it is as oppresive as rape, it has to do with power, why else would any man want his partner to be in pain during sex? This has nothing to do with kinky sex either because there is no pleasure in it for the woman, and has nothing to do with mutual consent because in the absence of some form of pleasure or gratification no person would consent to being hurt.


it is definetly cruel and barbaric!


I thought I understood tradition, and after reading about these topics I guess I just don't. Is it all an issue of mis-education? dry sex is unpleasurable for both, also much more dangerous for the woman, SO WHY DO IT>? IT IS NOT CLEAN! Women's vaginas lubricate because they are supposed to not because they are dirty! our body acts only for neccisary reasons! There is so much to be said about this... Its really inferiorating.


"a tight & dry vagina gives very good friction to my penis" who are you>? I hope you are joking, and it isn't something to even joke about

Mai Chibwe

The number of times I have heard women asking what they should put up their vaginas to keep them dry is too many to count. I really have no idea why anyone would be married to a man who knowingly encourages his wife to damage herself in this way. There again its the samme type of man who is happy to go out and have sex with others then bring HIV home and happily give it to his wife.

The only time a woman should put anything up her that is not her husband's penis is when she has an infection, or if she uses tampons. Otherwise nothing should go up there at all. There is no reaso. if she is worried that she is not gripping her husband enough during sex, then she should take steps to tone her vaginal muscles. If she goes to town about it, she can be so tight as to be able to grip him so hard he cannot pull it out once in regardless of how small he is.

A woman should, in my view tone continually through her life. It also helps to reduce incontinence and it increases pleasure for her during sex. Once she is well toned, there is never a need to have sex before she is really wet, and she can control her husband's speed thus prolonging sex.

A man who finds his wife using chemicals as a substitute for toning should sit her down and tell her he does not approve. it is not nice for her and should frighten him to think that is what he has caused his wife to do.

people should not still be discussing such a topic in 2007.


This story is garbage, as are most of these stories about ridiculous African sexual practices. These are the kind of stories that prop up the racist myth of HIV originating in Africa. Dry sex defies common sense, which I guess is the idea...to perpetuate the notion that Africans lack common sense and thus are the authors of their own destruction.

K, London

Sorry Rick, but you are wrong. My ex-girlfriend is a sexual health nurse in London, England. She often sees African women whose husbands convince them to put sand and similar substances in their vaginas in order to dry them out.

Personally, I love a wet pussy.

Pat Ramb

this story is such crap. Something must promote HIV in any culture. Here it might b dry sex, in America its homos, or needles. Yet i do not believe dry sex promotes AIDS. The writers of these articles write as if their views are unbiased, but at the center its racism. They act as if the woman is not paticipating in this scenario. In fact women of that culture make private jokes among themselves of hwo much they fool their husbands in the process. They compete about who has the best technique. They often are much versed in the muscular technique of the west without their husabnd knowing. So Africans have their kinks as the West does. Is Africa writing about the life trhreathening kinky practices of America, London, etc? No. Your article is an abuse of power and an exxageration of a practice that does not force the woman into it at all. She simply does it to keep her man, and doesnt have to at all.

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