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January 29, 2005



The interesting thing about those canal shots is how uncannily they match the canal scenes in Half Life 2.

I regularly cycle down the canal towpath to work at Canary Wharf, on those cold, crisp, misty winter mornings it was like the previous evening being Gordon Freeman again.

Even down to the discarded chemical drums bobbing in the water.

Mick H

Had to google "Half Life 2" to find out what it is, I'm afraid. All these canal photos are up in the Hackney Marshes area, though I do sometimes make it all the way down to Canary Wharf.

Kevin Austin

Wonderful. I lived in Hornsey almost 50 years ago and would like to see more pictures of the area, notably Tottenham Lane, and in the Stroud Green area.


PS i have "written out" my email addres so that webcrawlers cannot get it.

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