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September 27, 2004



As an 'educated European' I can firmly add to this bizarre twisted lecture: 'Not In My Name'.

Look at how he uses the idea of collective Europeanism in this Guardian letter, too:


Pretty ugly, isn't it?

Are we seeing

Mick H

A Guardian reader! Well who would have guessed.

James Hamilton

Yes; he's well worth Googling. But you won't find any evidence of the overt racism of the letter. Just the usual contemporary pseudo left etc. boilerplate. For all that the Jerusalem Post thinks he's apologised, it wouldn't surprise me if his name appears only as pp'd, and the letter itself is someone else's work.

David T

Oh come on. Give him some leeway. This fellow designs christmas decorations, and so may have strong religious beliefs. We non believers should understand that, from the cultural perspective in which he operates, jews killed his god.

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