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August 13, 2004


George Lee

"Europe has leaders who appear more left-wing on paper, but to date they have failed to pull the Continent away from stagnation."

That is a Hell of a sentence.

Still, the piece is a good one.

James Hamilton

Thanks for posting this - it more or less encapsulates what I've been thinking myself about the modern left. However, it's ironic that he cites Crooked Timber, as if it's on his side with this issue. I can only imagine that he didn't discover the site until after the war, and hasn't read it much since, as it's a far better example of what he's saying than John Laughland ever will be.

Mick H

James - yes you're absolutely right about Crooked Timber.


Ask an Iraqi communist or Kurdish socialist today what support they have had from the liberal left and they won't detain you for long

Ask Ahmad Chalabi what support he had from Nick Cohen (a sad, sad case, who I used to respect) and he'll keep talking for weeks.

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