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August 14, 2004


George Lee

That's funny, Mick, because "weng" does sound like a bee to me!

I spent a year in Vietnam and I never heard a single word that sounded onomatopoeic to me.

I do seem to recall that English's "Cockadoodle-doo" for a rooster's crowing is something like "ichi-ichi-row" in Japanese, which now that I think of it sounds like a cheer for the all-star baseball player Ichiro Suzuki.

Martin Adamson

Anglophone ambulances? Well, they used to go neenawneenaw (at least in Viz) but now they've changed the siren I don't think a new paradigm has been accepted yet.

Patrick Mc

My wife was stung by a Chinese bee some 20 years ago, and still has a clearly visible scar. I'd stay away from them too.

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