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July 07, 2004



there are an infinite amount of sides(styles) at any given time because of:

A)Players (number)
B)Positioning (physical location)
C)Skill level (...immeasurable, because of aggressiveness of play relating to 1. team ability 2. player ability 3. time constraints)

=players make plays, not playbooks.


i agree with you.i am thinking about it. so see or hear you again,sangam

seraf  kumsuz

your a nut..today football has become very sterotyped thanks to certain coaching beliefs ie English FA,players are not taught to think .Bascially the team (players) that can keep possesion of the ball under pressure for longer periods in the game , are teams that generally succeed ie argentina, brasil, spain germany 1974 etc.not sciccors ,paper,rock..

omonia re

I believe you are on to something good

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