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July 27, 2004


Noushin Imami

Amir Taheri, well-known for being an apologist for both Shah and Khomeini dictatorial regimes, is once again uttering nonsense.

How could a person attract the educated, poets, athletes, singers, performers, most renowned writers ... and himself being "uneducated?"

No limit to Mr. Taheri's distortions. Mr. Rajavi completed his undergrad degree and was arrested and imprisoned (and tortured to Mr. Taheri's delight) by the Shah's SAVAK; it is kinda difficult to continue higher education when you are imprisoned and under torture.

Those who have seen or learned about Mrs. Maryam Rajavi can attest that she is a source of love, compassion, kindness, hope, and beauty. That very much represents the impact Mr. Rajavi has had on others.

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