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May 21, 2004


James Hamilton

Mayes says, 'the story has rightly been persistent'; I assume that what he means here is that it has been deliberately kept going until those keeping it going achieve some goal they have in mind. The story itself is of course in the public domain already, and so is that concerning the fate of Nick Berg. If the prison abuse story is 'persistent', it has been persistent at the expense of two other stories that might themselves have been so, had Mayes' colleagues chosen, namely the beheading, and the release to the Iraq media of videos of Saddam's own prison 'abuse'. The choice of 'persistent story' has been made, we know by whom it has been made, and can draw our own conclusions.

Eve Garrard

Thanks for this fine commentary, Mick. Your final sentence is exactly right.


Thank you for this post. It articulated very well what I felt but struggled to express.

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