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April 02, 2004


Eve Garrard

A terrific post, Mick. But oughtn't we also to bear in mind that it may require a quite serious amount of courage for individual Moslems to denounce Islamic extremism? The difficulty of doing that shouldn't be underestimated.


I must admit I really don't have any time at all for people like Kash and their "anger". He's yet more proof that poverty doesn't necessarily breed terrorism (cf. Osama bin Laden/AQ leadership). Wealth is just as likely a culprit. There's an interesting comparison to be made here. Ex-Christians with more money than sense looking for "spirituality" tend to join whacky pseudo-oriental cults of varying degrees of dubiousness but these are rarely involved in terrorism. Their Muslim counterparts, when bored of their own affluent lifestyles, become jihadis.

Mick H

Eve - I suppose you're right, but surely we're entitled to expect a bit more on the denunciation front than we've had so far.

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