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November 10, 2017


Richard Powell

The Iranian authorities are capable of infinite spite and nastiness. I recall a case where the mother of an Iranian member of staff at the British Embassy in Tehran was flogged, because she had been spotted without her hijab while on a visit to London. Of course they will use and twists any of Boris's words to suit their own ends. He should try much harder not to give them any ammunition.

Stephen K

"He should try much harder not to give them any ammunition."
They're sadists. Anything he said would serve their purpose, if they felt like it.
I attended a protest for Nazanin last December. It was a good cause but I felt then, and still do, that the protest tends to emphasise a little too much what the UK Government is doing/ should do - whereas of course Lake and Zahawi are right, this is on the IRI. Blaming Boris is yet another instance of the old malady of talking as though only the West acts (invariably wrongly, of course) and the West's enemies react.

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